When it comes to tires, Wheels and auto repairs, it’s difficult to plan for these unexpected expenses. United Tire And Wheels understands how difficult this can be, therefore we have partnered with Progressive Finance, and Simple Finance to offer two easy financing options for our clients. Apply online or complete an application at the United Tire And Wheels.

Buy Now, Pay Later!

Financing is available without credit check for all of the wheels and tires. Instant approval. You don't need to pay full price right away for those wheels and tires that you have been looking at. Avoid the months of saving and go ahead with financing the rims and tires that you have always wanted for your car or truck. You can make sure your vehicle looks good now and worry about paying it off later. We have financing available with no credit needed so that you can get in and get out without having to deal with any hassle. Get the rims and tires you want today for a price that you will love.


90 Days Payment Option!
Finance Wheels and Tires with our No Credit Needed Program:
It’s Fast and Easy, Get Approved Online in Seconds! Bad Credit, No Credit? OK.
Apply Now and get
Instant Approval!!
You own in 12 months or less. Payments match your payday.


Simple Finance gives you a better way to buy the things you need.

Instant approvals Sure, we’ll ask you to complete a simple application. But then we’ll instantly approve you, guaranteed. 
No credit needed We don’t care about your credit score. We simply care about providing you with financing that truly works for you. So consider your credit history…history. 

Early payoff rewards You don’t have to pay off your financing early, but you certainly can. And if you do, what better way to say thanks than by giving you great financial rewards?   


Need time to raise some more green? Put a little money down now on the products you want with our layaway option

Up to 90 Days Layaway Plan, 20% NON refundable deposit, and $500 Minimum Purchase Required. During the 90 day layaway period, you can either make several payments, or one final payment before the end of 90 days, if after 90 day we have not received payment in full, your layaway plan will automatically be canceled and your 20% deposit will not be refunded to you, However any money you had paid above the 20% deposit will be refunded to you in person, If for some person on the items are not available at the end of the layaway period, you will received a refund of any deposit and payments.


Feel free to call, visit, or contact us online about any of our financing plans.

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